If you want to drive in Texas, you can take the written test online.

For years I am Road Ready provided online testing for people seeking Texas driver licenses. But when the State of Texas changed its requirements, IARR needed to change the way they operated their business – for two reasons.

First, they wanted to convert their Moodle platform to a modern enterprise LMS platform so they could adapt their business quickly with less cost and effort.

Second, they needed to make specific innovations to improve the way learners use the site, to add advanced test security, and to improve reporting.

 The Element configuration improved test delivery, added a Spanish version of courses and tests, upgraded e-commerce, and improved test security to meet State requirements.

The Element site implements the official State of Texas Driver License exam in an online version. After completing payment online, learners enroll in either the English or Spanish course. Students complete six hours of e-learning before taking the exam. Voiceprints are used to verify the same person is taking the lessons and taking the tests, meeting the State requirement that online vendors provide personal identity verification. 

By keeping pace with learner needs and State requirements, IamRoadReady remains a leader among companies with online learning as a primary part of their business model.