Health Care Provider LMS

Learning Management Systems For Medical Professionals 

In 2016 was looking for a full overhaul of its outdated Ruby on Rails learning management and commerce platform. Element answered their call to created a unique and robust experience which set a new high water mark in their niche. NHCPS offers seven unique course and certification products that cater to health care providers, the majority being doctors and nurses. Not only is there a seamless front end experience for the customers, the backend is easily manageable by multiple admins at once. Updating everything from course taxonomies to question banks is a breeze for their team. The entire platform is optimized for all devices and browser types to help users study, review and complete the courses in almost any setting.

After launching the new website with Trust Pilot reviews, NHCPS customers are quite happy. A verified 15,626 purchases with an aggregate score of 4.8 stars (as of 12/1/20).

Courses & Lessons – Comprehensive course and lesson solution complete with videos and skills checks. Beautiful taxonomies are optimized for organic search, as the course material is presented free of charge. The only cost is to actually take the final exam and receive the certification. The courses come complete with embedded videos and interactive content the users can engage with.

Certificates – Custom generated cards and certificates upon completion. Printable media accessible by customers and admins at any time.

Practice Tests – Specifically optimized for customer acquisition through organic search, these practice tests are a hit with tire kicking customers. It’s like a free test drive of the product. Check out their ACLS Practice Test here.

Megacodes – Megacodes are interactive choose your own adventure scenarios that guide users through hypothetical life saving situations. These are also optimized for google and have been a great customer acquisition strategy. Take tour of their timed ACLS Megacode here.

eCommerce – With a wide range of purchase options, bundles, coupons and other special features, the eCommerce platform is designed to maximize conversion rates and order sizes. We fit it all easily into a seamless one page checkout.

In House Affiliate Program – Deployed a custom in house affiliate marketing program that includes link tracking, reporting dashboard and payment solution. Customers and potential advertisers can apply, application is approved.

Google Analytics Events – We built all these cool features, but how do we know what users are doing? Element created a large library of events so NHCPS could see a wide range of metrics related to customer sources, course progress, quiz results and other proprietary metrics.

Blogging Platform – NHCPS produces regular blog style content for their customers and we wanted to make sure that experience was top notch.

Growth – Review any 3rd party data source with regards to and there will be massive growth since we launched their new product. They publicly boast north of 1 million certified health care providers, making this the leading product in their niche.

Element launched the new National Health Care Provide Solutions LMS product in January of 2017. The chart to the right is 3rd party organic growth data from Ahrefs. 

NHCPS Traffic Increase Via Ahrefs

The screenshots below showcase some of the many features and experiences we built for NHCPS. Interested in working with Element? We’d love to hear about your project and needs. Contact us here and let’s talk!