University Staff Training LMS

Delivering Professional Development, Managing Required Learning

Faculty and staff at University of San Francisco access rich professional development opportunities and satisfy required training through myLearning, a built-to-order LMS seamlessly tucked into the main USF website.  

Each learner who pops into myLearning sees a personal portal offering in-house training, online training and required training – pathways fulfilled with both live and online courses. Each learner also sees My Courses, the learner’s personal window on her or his completed training and trainings-in-progress. 

HR was ready for a modern LMS system. Operations for some 1,200 faculty and staff spans onboarding, live courses and workshops, hundreds of online third-party professional development courses, and periodic initiatives that upgrade HR operations. 

Shifting to a modern LMS was key to the mission of replacing a time-eating, ad hoc legacy process for managing faculty and staff compliance with mandated training. First on the do-list was anti-sexual harassment training. Element configured the LMS to automatically enroll, invite, deliver courses, track compliance in two-year cycles, notify out-of-compliance, and generate reports. 

Further, myLearning was configured to automate the time-consuming mechanics of training program promotion and delivery. The LMS handles the front-to-back process from registration and reminders and course delivery to assessment, tracking, and reporting.

Since launch, third-party Skillsoft and LawRoom course libraries have been folded into myLearning, with one-click access, transcript integration, and an easier way to update third-party offerings each year.

The new LMS, seamlessly folded into the USF website, was integrated with the payroll system for automated faculty and staff provisioning, and configured with single sign on for easy learner access.