Learning Management Systems Solutions

From legacy to innovation

Element Learning Management Solutions is a technology company known for transforming legacy adult learning environments into modern, integrated, adaptable solutions. For over two decades, we’ve built cloud-based learning management solutions for the public sector.

Our clients include state agencies, counties, cities, universities, community colleges, private sector learning specialists – organizations that focus on mission-aligned adult education, performance, and career advancement. 

One platform, many missions

The Element LMS is a comprehensive, cloud-based, enterprise class learning management platform, built on the world’s most widely-used content management foundation. Organic design to model your own learning operations and business models. Rich, adaptable look and feel as well as branding.

The LMS supports many missions for our diverse client base. We build internal learning systems. External public education systems. Registration, recruiting, and on-boarding systems. Licensing systems. Certification and CEU programs. Workshop, academy, and live event programs including conferences. Pure online programs. Mandated learning programs. Industry certification exams. Learning resource systems. Third-party course integrations. Career cycle programs. 

Many learning missions require technology forward innovations. We welcome special orders.  Sophistication not complication is how we work.

Configuration to order

We offer Element LMS as a SaaS platform hosted in a maximum security environment. We configure the platform to your functional needs. You can add functionality if and when you need it. We do integrations and migrations so your missions and technology mesh, guiding you from past to future. 

Element builds to order and gives you the keys. Element provides project design and management, discovery/planning sessions, solution configuration, and gains your solution approvals in agile sprints. Users get role-based admin/developer training using your configured, approved solution. On-going maintenance and tech support. On-going services to meet evolving needs. 

We transform legacy learning operations into modern, extensible learning solutions that are simpler, better, and more cost effective. Unlimited users. Unlimited courses. You gain operating and economic benefits of scaling.

We invite you to review our case studies.

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Texas DIR contract # DIR-CPO-4463