Government Contract Training LMS

LMS for the Texas Statewide Procurement Division (SPD)

The Element LMS supports the SPD mission to implement procurement and contract management processes, regulations, and controls that require trained professionals, produced by SPD providing training, credentials, and experience.

CPA provides training programs for (1) Texas state agencies, (2) Texas public universities, and (3) members of Texas Co-op Purchasing programs (e.g., participating counties, cities, and school districts). Many thousands of procurement and contract management specialists proudly display the credentials they’ve earned, and deservedly so.

SPD training supports a number of certification specialties, including a basic procurement course to enable non-certified persons to manage contracts under $25,000, and full certification programs for procurement managers (Certified Texas Procurement Managers – CTPMs), for contract developers (CTCDs), and for contract managers (CTCMs). The initial certifications require a live multiple-day course, fee payment, and passing a separate examination proctored by the University of Texas in various locations. Certified specialists are required to maintain their certification by completing 24 CEU credits each 3 years (36 if hold both CTPM and CTCD).

SPD maintains a high degree of control over training content with internal subject matter experts and by utilizing internal experts to do the live training and to develop and curate the core online courses used to fulfill on-going CEU courses and credit requirements.

The Element LMS configuration manages all of these learning operations, all administrative functionality, all curriculum management, all learning plans and certification cycles, front-to-back learner processes (registration, fee collection processed into secure payment gateway, live training management, online training management, certification printing, transcript access, learner notifications, etc.), providing and managing a centralized secure database of transcripts and records, and more.