911 Emergency Network LMS

Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Emergency Network

Greater Harris County 911 LogoGreater Harris County 9-1-1 Emergency Network supports 35 agencies in the Harris County, Texas region. It is one of the largest 911 emergency systems in United States and the largest in Texas, supporting the greater Houston area.

Element built their custom Learning Management System to train telecommunicators for the Police, Sheriff’s Office, Fire and Emergency personnel. The courses and topics encompass detailed training on 9-1-1 equipment, mental health, terrorism, human/narcotics trafficking, stress management, communication skills, Spanish, and personal growth.

These agencies’ administrations utilize this LMS system for cataloging events, personnel registration, certificates of completion and learning plans for internal employees. This LMS was built specifically to produce the report specifications needed for TCOLE, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, which is the over-arching entity for all law enforcement for Texas. A wide range of required data is logged and stored in the event of an audit, some of these data points include; Bio of Instructor, Outline of Training, Certificates of Completion, Sign-in Sheets, Registrations Forms and Surveys.