SOS Elections

Training Texas Poll Workers Before State Elections

The Secretary of State is responsible for training more than 4,000 poll workers in 254 counties before Texas elections. With a statewide general election just ahead, Element replaced a legacy application, migrated content, and met new standards in less than six weeks, in time to meet the SOS deadline to launch statewide training.

For the 2016 November general election, a new web-based curriculum was introduced in a new LMS to train poll workers on polling place procedures. The LMS offers the latest e-learning amenities, and the content mirrors the official Handbook for Election Judges and Clerks, adds test questions, and includes real life case studies with exercises to resolve confusing polling place situations. 

Because counties use one or more voting machines from three different vendors, when a poll worker registers, a county-mapping feature in the LMS delivers the right training for that poll worker’s county. 

SOS coordinates training through County Clerks, Elections Administrators, Cities, Schools and Other Political Subdivisions that operate local election sites.

The training is available free for all poll workers, anytime and anywhere they have Internet access, using computers, tablets or smart phones.

After a fast start, on to an easy election-by-election evolution. By law poll workers must be trained before each election. Because training needs differ for general and special elections and evolve over time, Element configured the LMS so “elections” can be archived and repurposed – from curriculum content to details such as certifications customized for each specific election.